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Nandini Bali featured image


Posted on Aug 31, 2022

It all started when the Owner of Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa took a trip to Zermatt, Switzerland. Being invited to visit Backstage Hotel by the owner himself, he was curious of the After Seven Restaurant. When the owner-friend brought him to the restaurant for dining, the Executive Chef Florian ‘Flo’ Neubauer scolded the owner as he came without reservation. Yes, you read it right, the chef scolded the hotel owner.


It is without reason for Chef Flo to be upset. The restaurant was fully booked and there was nowhere to sit! But after few comments, a table was set and for Nandini owner, it was time to order.


“No. You cannot order here.” Chef Flo said.


Nandini Owner was confused with the statement, Chef Flo continued “Tell me if there are food you cannot eat or having allergies at, and I shall make the food for you.”


Going with the flow, Nandini owner agreed to it. To his surprise, the food came out from the kitchen is, needless to stay, the best he ever had.


“The taste, the smell, the look, the portion all is perfect!”.


After few discussions and a lot of convincing, Chef Florian Neubauer of After Seven agreed to fly to Bali hosting dinner at three selected luxury hotels under Hanging Gardens International: Hanging Gardens of Bali, Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa and Elevate Bali.


The highlight dinner in September 2nd to 18th are the special evening dining at Wild Ginger Restaurant featuring 2-starred Michelin Chef from After Seven Zermatt, Florian Neubauer (@florian.neubauer_after_seven).


Price at IDR 1,700,000++ per person.


You can make reservation by contacting our reservation via WhatsApp at: +6281 236 87 11 70

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