Spa On The River by Nandini Bali

Immerse Yourself in Ultimate Luxury at the Sungai Spa
The Sungai Spa welcomes you to step into a world of complete comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation. Our skilled practitioners have been trained to the highest of international standards, and they are ready to treat you to a decadent experience you will never forget.
Our mission is to provide you with bespoke treatments designed to illuminate your beauty, hydrate your skin and restore your health. We offer an extensive and customizable menu of spa services for both men and women. Some of our most popular treatments include hot stone massage therapy, dermatological facials, and exquisite manicures and pedicures.
The Sungai Spa operates at the highest international standards, and this is apparent by our five-star client care and exemplary hygiene. Our professional staff will work hard to ensure that you have an unparalleled experience that will melt your stress and replenish your mind, body and soul.
Riverfront Spa Services
If you are looking for an experience unlike no other, the Sungai Spa offers luxurious treatments directly on the banks of the idyllic river lagoon, allowing you total privacy in which to commune with nature. Locals consider this lagoon a holy place, and you will soon understand why; it is surrounded by tumbling waterfalls of pure spring water. It is believed that this spring water has healing powers, and it is used to cleanse the spirit. Whether you book a massage, a body scrub or a facial, the Riverfront Spa Services offer you blissful relaxation in a truly unique setting.

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The Sungai Spa – an opulent retreat for the mind, body and soul.

Spa On The River


Spa on the river by Nandini Bali means: Relax, Rejuvenate and Restore. Discover a soothing and restorative escape for body and soul. Spa on the river by Nandini Bali. The spa offers the finest in luxury treatments and amenities . Take your spa experience to the next level by Spa On The River. We offer a totally unique spa on the river experience with various treatments in this truly holistic surrounding, where you can have the opportunity of total privacy; this whole lagoon can be yours entirely, for a while. The lagoon is totally secluded and can only be accessed through Nandini. Therefore we can guarantee absolute privacy for the guest. Enjoy a totally unique and special spa experience with us. A one of a kind spa, a must on every spa lover’s bucket list. We offer a variety of treatments and the guest can chose to have their treatment directly on the river bank, on a stone deck or in a gazebo next to the river. Discover a peaceful sanctuary amidst the Nandini Bali Jungle Resort and Spa, our luxury  spa invites you to relax and refresh your body and spirit  with a range of finest Spa body products.. We provide 2 hour treatment of the guest’s choice, maximum 2 guests at a time.. Open between 9.00 to 16.00 every day and may be booked in advance. Please note the river lagoon can only be accessed by stairs. we also provide wedding ceremonies by the river lagoon. Imagine your most sacred moment in life surrounded by holy spring water falls and the most natural spiritual place, in this one of natures true wonders. A once in a lifetime experience or ​opportunity is very ​special because you will wish you had treasured them more, after getting involved by a peaceful state of mind.

Spa Menu


THE TOUCH OF BODY Exotic Balinese 1 hours/IDR 650k ++ This popular traditional full body massage use a combination of gentle stretches, deep acupressure point techniques to stimulate circulation and bring total relaxation. A natural coconut oil will be use in your treatment.

Rejuvinating Cem Ceman Ritual 1.5hours/IDR 850k++ This treatment begins with a soothing aroma therapy, massage to balance and rejuvenate all your body. Followed by a soothing hair treatment and scalp massage with Cem-Ceman herbal oil will leave your hair nourished and silky soft.

Nandini Twin Angel 1.5hours/ IDR 1.200k++ This exclusive treatment is designed to give you a spa experience above all others. Two therapists work in a synchronized four hands massage to take you on a journey of pure relaxation and harmony. Advance reservation is required.

Reflexology 1hours/IDR 600k++ Techniques involve applying acupressure points on the soles of your feet to stimulate the energy or “Chi”flow in your body, an invigorating foot therapy not to be missed. This treatment involves a foot scrub in warm foot bath with aromatic oils.

Stone Therapy 1.5hours/IDR 850++ This treatment is good for you who have tension in the muscle, the hit of the stone can relish your teen muscle make you feel relax and new.One time therapy can solve your all tension problem.


Bio Revitalizing 1hour/IDR 600k++ This facial eliminates dead cells, refreshes skin surface, revitalizes and restores hydration, suppleness and smoothness.

Bio Rejuvenating 1hour/IDR 600k++ A treat fortired and skin tone, this brilliant facial reduces fie-lines, lifts, firms, brightens, and gives your skin the youthful glow.

Bio Natural 1hour/IDR 600k++ Most suitable for all skin types with our customized masks: Choices of witch lime for oily skin, Cucumber for normal skin, Avocado for dry skin and Aloe Vera for sensitive skin.

Manicure Pedicure 1.5hour/IDR 600k Improve the conditions of your skin and nails with this pampering hand or feet treatment. Begins with revitalizing footbath and refreshing scrub followed by cuticle and nail shaping. It will be completed with a hydrating lotion and relaxing massage in your hands & feet.


Jungle Customized Scrub 30 minutes/IDR 450k++ From preparing skin to bask in the sun, to conditioning skin to look its best in warm weather clothing, our therapist will customize your scrub suitable to your skin type to gently exfoliate and nourished with an ultra-moisturizing emulsion that leaves your skin incredibly soft and supple. Jungle Customized Body Mask 30 minutes/IDR 350k++ This is an intense mask therapy dedicated to feeding your skin with the nourishment it craves. Based on your desired result, a mask will be chosen for this body mask and a rich body butter is massaged into your skin for the ultimate hydration.

Balinese Boreh 2 hours/IDR 1250k++ 1 hour Balinese Massage, with Boreh Body Scrub,parem Body Mask and Exotic Flower Bath. This traditional herbal therapy handed down many generations for relieving muscular aches, increasing circulation and warming the skin and body. Boreh a accomplishes this by using heat therapy combined with Bali traditional herbs and spices. This treatment include fresh juice with strawberry, mint and lime to refresh your body.

Royal Javanese Lulur 2 hours/IDR1250k++ 1hour Balinese Massage, with Lulur Body Scrub, Nourishing Milk Mask and Exotic Flower Bath. This is an ancient beauty treatment, which originated centuries ago in the palaces of central Java as a purifying ritual for Javanese princess as they prepared for their wedding. The treatment begins with a Balinese massage followed aromatic Javanese Lulurover the body. Complete this blissful treat with a warm aromatic flower bath. This treatment includes JAMU a traditional drink of Indonesia.

Green Dreams 2 hours/IDR 1250k++ 1 hour Body Massage, Green Tea Body Scrub, Green Tea Body Mask, Exotic Flower Bath. Loaded with powerful antioxidants, green tea has many healing and preventative properties to tight free radicals and protects cells from environmental damage. This treatment includes fresh avocado juice.

Deep Feeling 2 hours/IDR 1250k++ 1 hour Body Massage, with Sensual Body Scrub, Sensual Body Mask and Exotic Flower Bath. An Indonesian indigenous formula for love, this sweet aphrodisiac blend of rose, jasmine, Kananga and sandalwood oils with exfoliating rice extracts is very effective in releasing physical and emotional tension, sedating the spirit. An amorously sensual treatment. This includes a fresh grape juice to build your energy.

Moisturizing Of Sunset 2 hours/IDR 1250k++ 1 hour body massage, with coconut body scrub, yogurt body mask and exotic flower bath. This treatment will be good to moisturize your skin after long stay in the sun. With coconut oil and coconut scrub, your skin will glow. This treatment includes virgin colada drink

Spa Package


SUNRISE HEALING YOGA IDR 350k++ Begin an enriching day in paradise whit an hour of yoga and a fresh vegetable juice and a tropical fruit will be served after the session.