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Bali Experiences

Bali Experiences

Set in gorgeous Balinese jungles and sitting along the Ayung river, Nandini Jungle by Hanging Gardens promises to create exceptional experiences that you will never forget

In-Suite Personalized Bartender Sevice

In-Suite personal bartender service. Enjoy our signature cocktails in the comfort of your suite. Our experienced bartender creates your favorite cocktails in front of you in your own suite.


Experiences - Personalized Bartender Service

Escape to Bliss with Our "Regular Day" Pass!

Indulge in a day of relaxation at Nandini Jungle by Hanging Gardens with our Regular Day Pass, priced at 500k++ IDR per person. Enjoy the freedom of full access to our facilities, promising ultimate relaxation. Pre-book your pass and elevate your day with a perfect blend of comfort and luxury!

Terms and conditions apply.


IDR 500,000++

per person


Experiences - Escape to Bliss with Our "Regular Day" Pass!
Experiences - Escape to Bliss with Our "Regular Day" Pass! 2
Experiences - Escape to Bliss with Our "Regular Day" Pass! 3

Cooking Class

You are what you eat. Our executive chef Gustu brings this philosophy to heart and invites all our guests to enjoy the excellence of Balinese cooking made by themselves.

Join Nandini Cooking Class and learn how to cook like a Balinese, bringing a culinary journey you experienced to your home.

Cooking Class starts from IDR 1.800,000++ per couple
24 hours booking is required in advance.


IDR 1.800,000++

Per couple


Experiences - Cooking class
Experiences - Cooking class 1
Experiences - Cooking class 2
Experiences - Cooking class 3
Experiences - Cooking class 4

Sungai Spa

Spa at Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa means: Relax, Rejuvenate and Restore.

Discover a soothing and restorative escape for body and soul, "Spa on the River" by Sungai Spa. The treatment offers the finest in luxury treatments and amenities. Take your spa experience to the next level by Spa On The River.


Experiences - Toenail polish
Experiences - Spa treatment 1
Experiences - Spa treatment 2
Experiences - Spa treatment 3


Ubud and yoga is inseparable, the tranquility of rainforest and rice fields bring the great zen that is great for mind and body.

In the middle of Ubud rice fields, there is a 97 square meter Djiwa Shala, designed for meditation and peace. Meditating in the heart of rice fields, with the hymn of the birds and sound of the breeze, bring you a relaxing meditation like never before.

Just 300 steps down from Nandini, you will arrive at our Sungai Deck. Our Sungai Deck is also excellent for your meditation, lulled by the sound of Ayung River to bring comfort and relaxation.

Bring our complimentary yoga mats or book an hour session with our Yoga Master for only IDR 500,000++ per hour.


IDR 500,000++

Per hour


Experiences - Yoga