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Where Sustainability Whispers with the Spirit of Bali

Embark on sustainability at Nandini Jungle by Hanging Gardens, where luxury dances hand-in-hand with ecological wisdom. Discover how we've woven sustainability into an art form, harmonizing with the land, the people, and the future.

Sustainable Sanctuary and Facilities

Our commitment to environmental harmony is woven into every aspect of Nandini Jungle by Hanging Gardens. From cutting-edge water conservation to waste reduction initiatives, our advanced purification systems, employing filtration and UV sterilization, ensure your access to safe drinking water.

Preserving the Sacred Nature

The river below the resort, Ayung River, is not merely water, it's the dwelling place of spirits. Locals and priests speak of its sanctity by climbing down to reach this holy place. Our resort, seamlessly integrated, becomes a guardian of this sacred space creating a memorable and meaningful experience for guests.

Nurturing Nature

At Nandini Jungle by Hanging Gardens, we delicately transform leftovers into love for the planet, nurturing gardens with composted organic waste and giving materials a second life through recycling programs, all while embracing water wisdom with a commitment to rainwater harvesting, recycling, and water-efficient landscaping practices in our pursuit of a gentle, eco-conscious haven.

From Waste to Wonder Program

We transform leftovers into love for the planet. Composted organic waste nourishes our gardens while recycling programs give materials a second life. Even your leftover food scraps find purpose, enriching the soil through composting.

Locally Sourced Delights and Wellbeing

Finally, we prioritize locally sourced and sustainable materials, supporting Balinese communities through responsible procurement practices. From artisanal crafts adorning our villas to fresh, locally sourced ingredients in our dining facilities, every detail whispers the spirit of Bali.

The Flower Competition

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Nandini Jungle by Hanging Gardens in partnership with the International Flower Competition (IFC) Foundation, nurtured a blooming renaissance in Banjar Susut, Payangan. The flower gardening competition transformed homes into canvases of vibrant artistry, reminding us that sustainability can be a vibrant expression of resilience and community.

Weave your own story into the tapestry at Nandini Jungle by Hanging Gardens. Reconnect with nature, rediscover the sacred threads that bind us to the earth, and experience luxury with a conscience.